About the website

MIT Licensed | Powered by Vuepress & Vuetify

# OpenFIESTA Lab Platform

This website is completely open source under MIT License. Maintain by Open FIESTA Lab team and community. Powered by Vuepress and Vuetify. And collaborate with Markdown.


More info on https://github.com/openfiesta/openfiestalab

# Install node

Make sure you have node.js and npm installed (and updated).

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu):
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
  • MacOS:

Through Homebrew 🍺:

brew install node

If needed, you can update npm typing npm install -g npm

# Clone the repository into a local directory

git clone https://github.com/openfiesta/openfiestalab
cd openfiestalab

# Install dependencies (locally)

Make sure you are at openfiestalab directory.

npm install vuepress
npm install

# Contribution and development

Built with Vuepress.

Use Markdown to contribute and run a local test version:

npm run dev

Updated real-time in http://localhost:8080/

# Build package

npm run build

Static files generated in openfiestalab/public directory.

# Deployment

npm run deploy

Deploy to https://openfiesta.space/