Lab Platform

Open FIESTA, Tsinghua Shenzhen

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Teaching Lab / Learning Space for Students

We create an environment where students with different culture and backgroud could learn, collaborate and innovative with each other.

Community Lab of Open Science

Unlike a traditional lab, the research goals and projects are set by the makers / students themselves in Open FIESTA's Lab.

Shenzhen SDG Solution Space

By connecting the technology resources of Shenzhen and innovators all over the world, we collectively solve SDGs problems.

Bio-X Lab
Bio for the future. Interdisciplinary Biology Lab for Biohacking, DIY Bio, Synbio, Biodesign...
Idea Cafe
Enlighting, Empower, Engaging. A place for idea exchange, brainstorming and social learning...
Design+ Space
Design, Build, Prototype. A Maker Space / Fab Lab where you explore new possibilities...

Supported by Open FIESTA and Teaching Center for Experimentation and Practice of Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School